Meet The Artist

Janet Toth is a vibrant and expressive artist in the Lake Stevens area, specializing in a number of mediums.

Hair Rings

Looking for something to complement your attire? We have just the thing! Our hair rings are fashionable and functional!

Claim your perfect crown today! Custom designs are available!

Multicolor Hair Ring Multicolor Hair Ring 2


Have an idea for a custom design? Want it on a wood surface of your choosing? Janet is currently taking commissions for custom designs.


Designs can be bare or mixed media, incorporating weather-resistant paint and pigments combined with wood-etching.

Booth Geese Round Sasquatch


Have a bare, brown wall somewhere on your property? Looking to provide some visual flair to something functional? Your custom design can be made into a FenceTopper!

FenceToppers are designs meant to be hung on a fence as a temporary or permanent art installation. Built weather-resistant and modular, they’re perfect to bring some variety and spice to your property!


Get in touch! Commissions are open!

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